• Ancient

    The service comes from the Book of Common Prayer, the first of which was written in 1549. Before that, much of our worship structure, and even some of the phrases themselves, date back to the 3rd century. It is pretty amazing to know that what we do on Sunday has been done for over 1600 years!

  • Modern

    Sometimes we look back in order to move forward. The ancient rhythm of liturgy and the ancient pattern of prayers actually equip us to live more fulfilled and rich lives today. It's counterintuitive, but something that we are constantly discovering. There is real joy is truly stepping into another realm altogether when we gather for worship!

  • Biblical

    The Anglican church is thoroughly grounded in the Bible and in fact holds itself to a strict standard of Biblical norms. In the Articles of Religion we claim that "Holy Scripture contains all things necessary for salvation: so that whatsoever it not read therein bot may be proved thereby is not to be required..."

  • Community

    We are seeking to grow not only as individuals but as a community of believers that serves one another and the Clarksville area. We understand that the Body of Christ is a rich gathering of people united around the Good News of the Gospel and that we grow most fully into our potential when we are together.


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About Us

About Us

St. Brigid's is a Church Plant of St. Patrick's Anglican Church, Smyrna, TN.  We are part of the Anglican Church in North America and recognized by GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Conference).  Many of us are new to Anglicanism and invite you to join and grow with us!   The priests of St. Patrick's provide oversight and sacramental support for our Church.  Our goal is to grow into a healthy and vibrant parish to serve our community within the unique offerings of Anglicanism.

Our Leadership

  • Fr. Ray Kasch

    Fr. Ray Kasch

    Rector, St. Patrick's Anglican Church

  • Fr. Chris Findley

    Fr. Chris Findley

    Priest Associate, St. Patrick's Anglican Church

  • The Brown Family

    The Brown Family

    Wesley, Shari, Henry, and Silas

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